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Data-Intensive Computing (AI VII) – Prof. Dr. Wim Martens

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Data Graph

Standards for Data and Query Languages

Research Description:

We always need to keep an eye on the current developments concerning standards in data management. The development of a standard is a non-trivial and sometimes long process. From time to time, it needs input from academia to ensure that design decisions are well motivated. The interaction between theory and practice can be very fruitful in this area. For instance, the influence graph for GQL, the upcoming standard Graph Query Language, shows how some of our academic research played an important role.

Selected topics:

  • Graph-structured Data (GQL, SPARQL, Cypher)
  • Foundations of Internet Technology (W3C standards)
  • Tree-structured Data (XML, JSON, XPath)

Selected Papers on this topic:

An Analytical Study of Large SPARQL Query Logs.
Angela Bonifati, Wim Martens, and Thomas Timm.
VLDB Journal, 2020 (special issue of VLDB 2018).
Querying Graphs with Data.
Leonid Libkin, Wim Martens, and Domagoj Vrgoc.
Journal of the ACM (J. ACM), 2016.
The Complexity of Regular Expressions and Property Paths in SPARQL.
Katja Losemann and Wim Martens.
ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS), 2013.
Optimizing Tree Patterns for Querying Graph- and Tree-Structured Data.
Wojciech Czerwinski, Wim MartensMatthias Niewerth, and Pawel Parys.
SIGMOD Record, 46(1), 2017.
Expressiveness and Complexity of XML Schema.
Wim Martens, Frank Neven, Thomas Schwentick, and Geert-Jan Bex.
Combined full version of ICDT 2005 and WWW 2005 papers.
ACM Transactions on Database Systems (ACM TODS).
Selected papers from ICDT 2005.
BonXai: Combining the simplicity of DTD with the expressiveness of XML Schema.
Wim Martens, Frank Neven, Matthias Niewerth, and Thomas Schwentick.
ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS), 2006.
SCULPT: A Schema Language for Tabular Data on the Web.
Wim Martens, Frank Neven, and Stijn Vansummeren.
International World Wide Web Conference (WWW), 2015.

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