Dr. Katja Losemann

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Dr. Katja Losemann

Angewandte Informatik VII

Universität Bayreuth

95440 Bayreuth



Email: katja.losemann (at) uni-bayreuth.de


since October 2011 (University Bayreuth)

Tutor for students in the "Introduction for CS" and "Theoretical CS" lecture.

until September 2011 (TU Dortmund)

Tutor for students in the "Hardware"- and "Software"-laboratory, in the seminar "XML - Theory and Practice", and the "Foundations of CS" lecture.




Katja Losemann, Wim Martens: MSO Queries on Trees: Enumerating Answers under Updates. CSL-LICS'14, Vienna


Katja Losemann, Wim Martens: The Complexity of Regular Expressions and Property Paths in SPARQL. ACM Trans. Database Syst (TODS). 38(4): 24 (2013)

Wojciech Czerwinski, Claire David, Katja Losemann, Wim Martens: Deciding Definability by Deterministic Regular Expressions. FoSSaCS 2013: 289-304


Katja Losemann, Wim Martens, Matthias Niewerth: Descriptional Complexity of Deterministic Regular Expressions. MFCS 2012: 643-654

Katja Losemann, Wim Martens: The Complexity of Evaluating Path Expressions in SPARQL. PODS 2012: 101-112

Katja Losemann: Foundations of Regular Expressions in XML Schema Languages and SPARQL. SIGMOD/PODS PhD Symposium 2012: 39-44


Katja Losemann: Boolesche Operationen auf Deterministischen Regulären Ausdrücken. master thesis at TU Dortmund


Hendrik Blom, Christiane Küch, Katja Losemann, Chris Schwiegelshohn: PEPPA: a project for evolutionary predator prey algorithms. GECCO (Companion) 2009: 1993-1998



2014 FLOC travel grant

2013 ETAPS Student Stipend

2012 ACM SIGMOD/PODS travel grant



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